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Life-Crushing Student Loan Debt

If you think you can't ever get out of your student loans, you may be right. That's why we built Fundfly—the crowdsourcing student loans solution.

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We are welcoming anyone who wants to join our mission. The easiest way to get involved is by joining our donor list to receive up to date information and oppurtunities to help those in need.

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Fundraising for Student Loans

We know that paying student loans after graduation can last for years and can become a dream-ending burden. Fundfly is here to help! We're here for you to share you stories of student loan debt's impact on your life, and to ask for help from family, friends, associates, and the community at-large in paying that debt.

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Set up a free profile quickly and easily to tell the world about yourself. You'll be able to share your education background, what you are doing now, why you chose your career path, and your plans for the future.
Share Your Story
Send profile notices directly to your friends, family, and community and let them know how they can help. You'll also be seen and selected as donors browse Fundfly site profiles.
Get Funded
Now that your student loan story is out there, others will be able to easily provide funds. We'll keep track of the contributions, and when you are ready, you'll be able to send those funds directly to a student loan account of your choice.

Fund a Student Loan

The student loan model worked for our parents and grandparents. Graduates today in respected fields find that their career income is not sufficient to repay their student debt, and "working harder" does not solve the problem. Adding insult to injury, student loans are the only form of debt that cannot be discharged through bankruptcy.

Learn About Stories
Read the profiles of your friends and family, or search Fundfly for someone who shares your education background, career, or values.
Decide to Help
When you find that someone you know needs help with student loans, or when you find someone that you connect with after reading their profile, it's time to provide funding.
Offer Funding
Safely donate to your selected member(s) using a payment method of your choice. 100% of your funds (after transaction fees) are sent directly to your member's student loan account.

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We are currently offering invitations to join our early access program. Sign up for a chance to try Fundfly as an applicant before it's available to the public!

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