How It Started

April 3, 2021

My name is Drew Dudas, and I welcome you to the Fundfly community!

The idea for Fundfly was given to me about nine months ago. I say it was "given to me" because I wasn't trying to come up with anything to significantly alter my life (or anyone else's). In truth, I was supremely content and feeling unworthy of the life I'd been given. I did not want this idea, nor was I qualified to do anything with it.

I'd considered other life changes before - I left a technical sales career to become a professional counselor. After I completed counseling education, I went straight back to technical sales and have been here happily ever since. I planned to leave corporate and start my own thing, and after reviewing a number of business plans and franchise proposals, I decided to stay quite happy at corporate.

The problem was, this thing was like an earworm and it would not leave my head. I've had a few ideas over the course of my life, most of them bad (i.e. a bag large enough to fit outside rather than inside of a garbage can, so that you can properly dispose of old garbage cans. Otherwise, the trash collector would continue to leave the empty can at your curb every week, right?). I'd have a few laughs sharing the ideas with my peers, and then they would move out of my consciousness. Not this one, though.

I had an idea to build a business in an industry in which I had no experience, using a platform in which I did not understand, promoted through channels that I had intentionally removed myself from, to solve a problem that I personally did not have. I needed to share this idea with someone else just to clear it from my head. More than anything else, I wanted someone to tell me it was a stupid idea so that I could go back to doing my normal things.

I'll continue the story in future blogs, please share your email and follow Fundfly on your socials, and I'll continue sharing about how Tower (Seth) and I became partners and on how we are fumbling toward launch.

Please also drop us a line at or with your stories of student loan successes and failures. We love hearing stories and we are interested in yours and in getting it out into the world!

Thanks for reading!

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